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NFLPA president JC Tretter calls for more safety measures for NFL fields

The NFL Players Association is calling on six venues to change their current playing surfaces, saying the turf in those stadiums results in “statistically higher in-game injury rates” involving non-contact and lower-extremity injuries. NFLPA President JC Tretter said Saturday the league should ban “slit film” playing surfaces that are used in Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minnesota, New Orleans and New York (Jets and Giants). Tretter posted his statement on the NFLPA website. “The NFL and its experts have agreed with this data and acknowledge that the slit film field is less safe,” Tretter said. “Player leadership wrote a letter to the NFL this week demanding the immediate removal of these fields and a ban on them going forward, both in stadiums and for practice fields. The NFL has not only refused to mandate this change immediately, but they have also refused to commit to mandating a change away from slit film in the future at all. “The injuries on slit film are completely avoidable — both the NFL and NFLPA experts agree on the data — and yet the NFL will not protect players from a subpar surface.”

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