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University of Utah student arrested for making nuclear bomb threat if football team lost

A student at the University of Utah was arrested Wednesday after police said she allegedly threatened to detonate a nuclear reactor on campus if the football team lost to San Diego State this past weekend. The 21-year-old woman allegedly posted "threats of violence" on an app called Yik Yak before the game, according to KSL.com. Police said the student had knowledge of a nuclear reactor on campus and took classes in the same building where the reactor is located. The student wasn't bluffing about the presence of a reactor. This is not the first time a Utah student made a similar threat at the school. A 19-year-old was arrested for making terroristic threats and having a fake ID in August after making a bomb threat directed at the business school building. The student also posted the threat on Yik Yak, which is how police tracked the student down. The student later said the threat was a joke.

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